HEROJUS mission is to develop valuable and motivational educational experience so it produses progress and positive learning results

How it is implemented? Teaching a human being as a personality, empowering its strengths, creating and improving educational experience; creating value, materializing knowledge, abilities and thinking; sharing what we have created.


Herojus – is an aspiration. We believe that an organization educating a human being creates education and shares it with the World, it constantly improves and learns; there are no limits to that.

Herojus– is a space which has brought together a team of talented people under one roof, enabling them to unleash their potential, fulfill their dreams, and realize themselves as professionals in the field.

Herojus – is a school of comprehensive creativity. By combining various activities (from creative to technological ones), we encourage comprehensive thinking, self-realization, creation of ‘things’ and ‘services’.

Herojus – is a person who is constantly changing and growing, learning to adapt, who creates innovations and maintains an open mind, develops the emotional intellect, learns to control feelings and attitude, establish relationships and be empathetic. It is looking for its strengths and is ready to be successful within a constantly changing XXI century.



An ability to pursue once goal in a courageous and purposeful way, accept any challenge. Understanding that the efforts made and regular attempts bring success meanwhile mistakes are a part of the learning process; complex tasks are overcome by trying hard and trying repeatedly.


Finding and applying various solutions, positive and original thinking, ability to develop new ideas and constructively implement them.


Respect for yourself and others, efforts to understand feelings of your own as well as those of others.



We believe that the subject’s competence is important, and we also believe that a person who knows how to learn, is seeking education for the whole life, raises dignity and self-confidence; is ready to overcome future challenges.
Today, we consider learning how to learn and development of a personal competence a priority.



Children’s independence and responsibility development and formation of general skills.Children using a Day plan develop 5 learning how to learn steps:

Setting up learning tasks – deciding WHAT to learn

Looking for learning resources – deciding HOW to learn

Planning learning time – deciding WHEN to learn

Analyzing learning – understanding WHY I need to learn

I know my strengths and weaknesses – I estimate HOW MUCH efforts have I made

DAY PLAN – a three-way educational tool for a pupil, teacher, and parents, including learning goals, activities, self-assessment, teacher assessment, day’s reflection, parental comments, optional subjects. Simple, logically structured, easy to use, non excessive with its content, children, teacher and parents friendly.

The pupil is responsible for the day-to-day learning goals and the teachers help him. Having accomplished the day plan, you get a ‘yellow ticket’ that lets you to move on. Kids learn how to learn, to plan their time responsibly, and finish what they have started.

ACHIEVEMENTS. Evaluating children’s achievements, PERSONAL PROGRESS is recorded when the level of children’s understanding and their abilities increase. The most important thing is the efforts of children, their personal change, actual achievements, when every pupil’s knowledge and beliefs change. We believe that in education, both results and the process of education in achieving these results are equally important.



Personal competence – a dignified, self-confident, honest and responsible person, not afraid of facing difficulties, capable of overcoming them and also capable of assessing themselves as well as their actions.

In the process of learning, a lot of attention is paid to personal abilities and goals. We shape thinking and attitude through the development of persitence and responsibility. Inner motivation is built by creating conditions to experience a sense of success and a joy of learning in an early stage.

Freedom = responsibility. Children using the Day Plan develop their personal competence, learn to take responsibility for their achievements and implementation of the plan. We create a learning – encouraging environment by being positive examples to the pupils and by providing tools for improvement. At school, children “climb up the stairs”, the choice of developing way is emphasized.


Educational methods, learning activities, educational content, and environment are constantly changing. Only expectations for the teacher – the effectiveness of teaching and the ability to notice the pupil’s understanding and progress – are permanent. The teachers use various educational programs and themselves create INTEGRATED, PRACTICAL AND RELEVANT tasks.

Teachers’ strengths are enabled by creating opportunities for self-fulfillment + through a system of 6 leadership principles. One of the most important is the principle of leading by example.

IN A COMPREHENSIVE EDUCATION-ORIENTED ALL DAY SCHOOL, the essence of which is the maturity of a diverse personality. It is assumed that only a motivated, self-conscious, consistently thinking child who is also capable of controlling his/her own emotions can master the subject knowledge.

Emotional intellect → general competencies → subject competencies..

The day consists of three educational blocks:

8.40 – 12.45

I EDUCATIONAL BLOCK. Integrated language (Lithuanian and English), natural science (the basics of Geography, Biology, Physics, Chemistry), Mathematics, and Information Technologies learning. Great attention is given to reading skills and logical thinking.



Lunch/ Time outdoors / Rest/ Games/ Physical Education


14.15 – 15.30

II EDUCATIONAL BLOCK. Drawing and technologies, music, non-traditional art technologies, art history, visual arts, other types of art. Goal – to foster creativity and imagination as well as artistic perception.


16.00 – 17.00

IIII EDUCATIONAL BLOCK. HEROJUS OPTIONAL SUBJECTS: netro art (non-traditional art technologies); an hour of challenge; Writers Union; Spanish language; Theatre; Capoeira; STEM; Chess; Dance.

Herojaus klase1

We are unique ourselves as long as we allow others to be such.

Everyone has the strengths that they can empower and become the best they can be. Making mistakes, questioning, trying, accepting challenges, not giving up, staying optimistic in pursuing long-term goals is a value..

A hero hides inside every child and teacher only an appropriate environment and an inspiring mentor is necessary for this hero to reveal and develop.webui3_Fotorwebui4_Fotor
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