The team at Herojus School is constantly growing and waiting for personalities that are interesting, energetic, seeking to improve, willing to teach and reveal themselves to join the team. We deeply care about teachers motivation, creativity, practical experience, innovative approach towards teaching, initiative choosing teaching methods and forms, organizational skills, knowledge of English language, craving for books, desire to learn, use the opportunities, develop, change a way thinking, create educational content which would be of high quality and relevant for children. We work with an approach that it is not necessary to know everything right away -the most important thing is an appropriate attitude and willingness to develop in all possible ways.

We are currently hiring:

English Language Teacher

Mathematics teacher

Sience teacher

Pre-school Teacher

Primary Teacher

What do we offer?

A job in an innovative, creative environment and community, opportunities to realize your hobbies, use International Education Programs; freedom to choose teaching methods, work with a group of not more than 12 children.

What do the students of Herojus need?

It is very important for children that the teacher would be able to notice and develop their strengths, would be empathetic and willing to overcome challenges together, would know how to engage, could evoke the joy of discovery, would bring the learning content closer to the topics that are relevant for the students, would teach through practical activities, and would pay individual attention. A teacher in children’s eyes is an example to follow and a friend at the same time who conforms to the same rules as the students. For a teacher a challenge is an opportunity to learn something and unknown things – an opportunity to discover.

The teacher of Herojus:

Strives to turn ideas into reality and creates value.

Teaches applying the principle of Leading by example.

Reads a book, accepts a challenge, goes on a Trip and gets to know a Human.

Objects and expresses his or her opinion.

Is Persistent and always ends what was started.

Has a good time.

Are you a Hero?

If your answer is yes, write to us:

Are you a Hero?

If your answer is yes, write to us: